The WCBDC facilitates projects initiated by the Centre itself or by third parties in order to create jobs and to enhance economic growth. In addition, the Centre organizes project-related training, infrastructure support, management and after-care (mentoring and counseling). With the assistance and in parnership with private and government institutions the Centre has launched and managed the following development projects recently:
  • West Coast Women Empowerment Sewing Project.
  • Incubation HUB
  • Hydroponics Project

The WCBDC Sewing

Project operating from the premises of the the Centre provides employment to four skilled ladies, operating under the supervision of a WCBDC staff member. For the past three years the are manufacturing on contract, company shirts for Namakwa Sands at a rate of over 1000 shirts annually. They also manufactured two deliveries of 200 laundry bags to Duferco Steel Proocessing. The seamsters working on this project are highly professional and their manufactured products are of a exceptionally high standard.
The WCBDC is hosting the Sewing project as it has the infrastructure, equipment and skilled sewers available to design and manufacture any type of clothing .


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