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Does your business comply with the following criteria?:
  • classified as small or medium in their sector
  • situated in the Saldanha Bay Municipal area
  • the owners are willing to enter into a development agreement with the WCBDC
  • the business is operational for at least 3 months and able to produce financial documents/statements
  • the owners must be competent in communication and mathematical literacy at NQF 3
  • the business must already be registered as a legal entity and all statutory registrations must be in order (UIF, Tax, WCA etc)
  • Core service falls within the following service/products: Industrial Electrical supplier, civil engineering, property management or small & medium scale construction
Then you should register with the SMEDP. The programme will develop 20 SMEs for 2005 and will focus on quality development rather than quantity. Space is limited and all applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible. The programme will start in April 2005. A registration fee of R300 .00 will be charged once your application has been successfully processed. Contact Karin or Jeanine for more information.

Previous accreditation ratings issued by the WCBDC will remain valid for 3 years after the issue date, after which the SME can apply for re-accreditation. It will not be necessary for companies seeking re-accreditation to go through the SMEDP and a fee of R150.00 will apply. Companies not wanting / not gaining entry to the SMEDP can subscribe to the WCBDC and thus still have access to event information, training, mentoring etc. Subscription costs R100.00 per year and is included in the SMEDP and re-audit fees. Tender info will only be forwarded to SMEs with a valid WCBDC accreditation who are part of the SMEDP or who have subscribed.

Programme / subscription fees are applicable from 1 April 2005.

Karin Janse van Rensburg

The website of the WCBDC has been launched in 2004. We encourage all SMEs who subscribe and definitely those who seek accreditation to acquire an e-mail address. Internet based e-mail addresses are available on request. For more info contact Gert van Zyl.

You can now own your own piece of cyberspace.
A new marketing tool has been launched for accredited SMEs.
SMEs who are accredited by the WCBDC can market themselves on our Website via an information page. Space for photos and details of the businesses will be available at a once off cost of R350.00

For more info you can contact Gert van Zyl (website) or Karin Janse van Rensburg (SMEDP).

Karin Janse van Rensburg

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