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  • The project started with a group of ladies, who received technical sewing training, to head up a community project.
  • The project has grown a great deal over the years, supplying shirts to Namakwa Sands and wrap-overs to Sea Harvest.
  • Due to the hard work of our team of workers, orders for Namakwa Sands could be delivered ahead of schedule.
  • Recently a conti suit was also designed and sampled to Namakwa Sands.
  • Below left: Rhoda and Jolene are hard at work. Below right:Annelie is the floor manager who ensures good quality all round

  • The West Coast Business Development Centre works together with Provincial Government, Tourism Bureaus and Tourism Help Desk(THD)Operators to relieve the excessive demand for business support in the Tourism Sector. Assistance to local entrepreneurs is provided in the form of group training sessions.
  • Training is offered at four levels of business development, to ensure that the information and interaction provided at these workshops is appropriate to the needs of the entrepreneur and his/ her business.
    • Tourism Awareness Information Sessions
    • Tourism Beginners Information Sessions
    • Intermediate Training Programme
    • Advanced Training Programme
  • Mrs Glenda Appies manages this project in the West Coast Region.
  • Below: THDs hard at work.

  • West Coast Business Development Center will be initiating a hydroponics farming project. The project aims to create jobs and food security in rural communities, as well as to encourage young people from the region to study agriculture.
  • Training took place in the month of March and professional mentoring will start in the month of April.
  • Big plans, but we have faith!

  • Skills Training is provided to fisherfolk in the West Coast.
  • The aim of the training is to provide valuable skills that can be applied to every day situations in which fisher people find themselves.
  • Recruitment was done in Doringbaai, Lanbebaan, Hopefield, Lambertsbaai, and Port Nolleth.
  • Mrs Trudy Mills is the manager of this project on behalf of the West Coast Business Development Centre
  • Below:One of the photo's taken during training

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