The mission of the West Coast Business Development Centre (WCBDC) founded in 1998 is to develop and enhance the growth of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise (SMME) in the West Coast Region through the delivery of quality and cost-competitive services.

West Coast Business Development Centre

Physical address:
Building 234, Tonyn street,
Saldanha Postal address:
P. O. Box 1453,
Saldanha 7395
Telephone number: 022 -7141731
Fax number: 022 - 7142015
E-mail address:

Contact: Ms Abigail Murray, Chief Executive Officer

Due to the economic growth large corporations cannot contract sufficient skilled labor. In addition, they have to focus more extensively upon their primary core-business. Therefore these corporations call upon centrally controlled business organizations, which are increasingly under pressure to deliver. This market mechanism creates a favorable climate for small, medium and micro enterprise development and growth. More and more affiliated non-core businesses will be directed to experienced and well-skilled SMMEs who can execute almost any job cost-effectively. As a consequence unemployment will be fought and economic participation will expand into all communities, especially in rural areas like the West Coast region where SMMEs constitute a key element of the economic landscape.
The WCBDC focuses on individuals with entrepreneurial spirit, particularly, yet not exclusively ones from previously disadvantage communities - youths, women and the physically challenged or differently abled.

Area of operations
Saldanha Bay provides a unique environment as it has always been known as a fishing sector but with the establishment of ArcelorMittall, Namakwa Sands, Duferco Steel Processing, PPC Saldanha, Transnet National Ports Authority and Spoornet/ OREX industry in this area has become more diversified. Because Saldanha is situated 150 km from Cape Town the WCBDC has to provide their clients with tailored package deals and a one-stop service. Core services of the Centre are business skills training and advice, business linkages including tender advice, information dissemination, mentoring and counseling and project management.

The WCBDC - accredited as a Local Business Services Centre (LBSC) by former Ntsika Enterprise Promotions Agency (now amalgamated with NAMAC to form the Small Enterprise Development Agency- SEDA), operates diversely from its new premises. The increased capacity that is provided by the new facility will improve services to existing and future SMME clients. With a competent staff structure the Centre will capitalize on the successes of the past and start working towards the engagement of new goals such as:
  • Streamlining the SME Development Programme and Accreditation Process to be more SMME friendly.
  • Improving SMME abilities and their capacity towards rendering quality service.
  • Exploiting the corporate procurement forum to its full potential.
  • Becoming a SAQA accredited service provider.
  • Increasing WCBDC's networking with other role-players in business- and economic development in the West Coast region and tightening its relationship with them.
  • Co-operating closely in order to establish quality and sustainable partnerships committed to economic and business development in the region.
Undoubtably the WCBDC plays a leading role in the development of our community. With the adopted strategy correctly applied, the WCBDC established itself as a vital tool for SMME development and economic growth in the West Coast region.


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